Apostille of documents in the Republic of Kazakhstan

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In addition to consular legalization, there is another way of legalization – affixing the Apostille stamp.

The choice of the required type of legalization depends on the country of destination of the document – the country to the official authorities of which it is submitted.

Apostille stamping (it can also be called “simplified legalization” or “apostille”) is used to send a document to those countries where the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961 was ratified, which abolishes consular legalization and provides for a simplified legalization procedure – just a stamp is enough “Apostille”.

The document has legal force on the territory of all countries where this Hague Convention has been ratified.

In all other cases, if the country has not joined the above convention, you will need consular legalization of documents.

Making apostillization of copies of documents

In most cases, the stamp “Apostille” is carried out on copies of documents certified by a notary (these can be copies of personal documents: birth, death, marriage, divorce, diplomas, certificates, etc., as well as copies of constituent documents of legal entities – statutes, memorandum of association, certificates of registration with tax authorities, etc., as well as many other documents) or documents issued by a notary (for example, powers of attorney, consent for the child to travel abroad, etc.).

Making of the “Apostille” stamp takes place in the justice authorities of Kazakhstan according to the territorial principle – documents executed by notaries of a certain region can receive an apostille only in the department of justice of such region.

The Apostille stamp is placed on the document itself in Russian or Kazakh without translation, since it will not be difficult to translate an already apostilled document into a foreign language in the future. This can be done on the territory of Kazakhstan, and on the territory of the country of destination of the document.

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