Apostille on а birth certificate

Let the legalization of a birth certificate to professionals so as not to be refused an apostille. The Business Solutions Company helps to make an apostille in Astana as quickly as possible and get the desired document from the first time. Our clients do not need to waste time on bureaucracy – trust this to the specialists of a law firm.

How to get an apostille on a birth certificate in Astana

Let’s see why a stamp is needed and what advantage the owner of the document gets. This stamp helps to legalize any document. Your documents are legally valid even abroad. Basically, our clients are former compatriots who need an apostille to confirm kinship when entering into an inheritance abroad, when changing their surname, for marriage, when applying for a visa, as well as citizens of Kazakhstan who want to confirm the status of parents in relation to their minor children abroad Apostille is presented in the form of a stamp on the original document or a copy certified by a notary. You can make an apostille in the country where the documents were issued. We help to obtain an apostille for a birth certificate in Astana, if it is a Kazakh document. We provide apostille services in Astana starting from 3 business days, which is faster than in other regions. And here you can apostille a document issued in any region of Kazakhstan.

What the stamp looks like:

  • rectangular shape;
  • surname and position who signed the document;
  • date of making the stamp, document number;
  • name of the authority and the seal of the institution;
  • the signature of the person who issued the apostille.

You can get an apostille on the original document or use its certified copy. We will translate the document into the language of the country where you are going to go.

You can get an apostille on a birth certificate in Astana with the help of specialists from the Business Solutions Company.

You can find out the details of the entire procedure, how to get an apostille on a birth certificate in Kazakhstan, by phone or at the company’s office Astana.

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