Get a BIN by a non-resident in Kazakhstan

How to get a BIN in Kazakhstan?

Business Solutions Company assists to issue a BIN to foreign legal entities in Kazakhstan without a personal presence under a notary verified power of attorney for representatives of our company within 2-3 business days.

BIN – a unique combination of 12 digits, generated for a legal entity during initial registration, is necessary to save information related to a particular legal entity in the National Registers of Identification Codes, information systems of state bodies and other institutions and organizations. BIN is issued in electronic format with black and white letterhead.

The need to get a BIN arises for non-resident legal entities in the following cases: 

  • implementation of commercial and other activities,
  • opening a current bank account in Kazakhstan,
  • to participate in tenders in Kazakhstan,
  • creation of legal entities on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan,
  • purchase of shares in legal entities registered in the territory of Kazakhstan,
  • carrying out activities by a foreign legal entity through a permanent establishment on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan,
  • location on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan of a place of effective management of a foreign legal entity,
  • purchase of property (real estate, transport) in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is subject to property tax, vehicle tax or land tax,
  • a foreign legal entity is a party to an agreement on joint activities concluded with a resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the activity of which leads to the formation of a permanent establishment (simple partnership agreement, consortium agreement).

List of documents required to get a BIN in Kazakhstan for a non-resident legal entity:

  • Notary verified copies of constituent documents (Charter, certificate of state registration, certificate of tax registration, order (decision/minutes) on the appointment of the head of an organization);
  • Extract from the Commercial Register (for the Russian Federation, an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities);
  • Notary verified power of attorney from the head of a non-resident legal entity as from an individual according to the sample;
  • A notary verified copy of the passport of the head of a legal entity (branch, representative office) of a non-resident;
  • Notary verified power of attorney from a legal entity of a non-resident according to the sample.

All documents must be apostilled / legalized. Apostille/legalization is not required only for documents from the Russian Federation, the Republics of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Tajikistan, Georgia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the Kyrgyz Republic.

The procedure to get a BIN by a non-resident in Kazakhstan:

To order the service to get a BIN for a non-resident in Kazakhstan, you or legal representative need to conclude an agreement with our company. Next, you will receive an invoice for services. After receiving payment, you need to send correspondence with pre-approved documents to our office. The team of our company performs the procedure of tax identification and registration. After the deadlines (provided by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan) for issuing a BIN, the finished certificates are sent to you by courier service. To apply for a BIN, please contact our manager.

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