Get a Digital Signature in Kazakhstan

How to get a Digital Signature remotely?

The Business Solutions Company provides services to get digital signatures online for foreign companies without a personal presence starting from 1 business day. Most often, our clients are foreign legal entities wishing to participate in tenders and public procurement in Kazakhstan. Before getting a Digital Signature, the first head of a foreign legal entity must get an IIN. After that, a foreign legal entity needs to get a BIN in Kazakhstan. Employees of our company perform a full cycle of obtaining a Digital Signature by proxy from a foreign legal entity according to a special model.

How to get a digital signature online for personals?

Non-resident personals can also receive a Digital Signature remotely. To do this, you first need to get an IIN in Kazakhstan. By notarized power of attorney, our company’s specialists will help you to issue a Digital Signature key starting from 1 business day. After registration of the Digital Signature, keys with a password and certificates are transferred to the clients online via e-mail. The validity period of the Digital Signature is 1 calendar year. After the expiration of the Digital Signature, it must be reissued. We will provide you with maximum assistance and will take care of all the hassle of getting a Digital Signature in Kazakhstan.

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