Get an IIN for non-residents in the Republic of Kazakhstan

How to get an IIN for a non-resident in Kazakhstan?

All foreign citizens who came to Kazakhstan to work have to receive an identification number, which is usually written as an abbreviation IIN. Our company has a huge positive experience in carrying out this procedure, therefore, it will easily help a non-resident in the Republic of Kazakhstan to receive an IIN.

An identification code is a number that is assigned to all citizens of Kazakhstan to control taxation, as well as to participate in social and domestic events of the republic. Therefore, persons who have arrived here recently will also have to acquire it. This number is also needed by all those who are going to do business here, open accounts in local banks, make financial transactions, buy real estate or vehicles, and also receive official documents. Foreigners cannot be appointed heads of law firms and their branches without an identification number. To assign an identification number to a foreigner, you need to prepare a number of documents, including a passport and its certified copy, as well as a certified translation of the passport; a migration card indicating the presence of temporary registration, an identification code of a person of his country, and an application. You can get a more accurate and complete list from our consultants.

How to get an IIN in Kazakhstan for a Russian citizen

Many Russians come to Kazakhstan, who was invited to work by local companies. They also need to receive an IIN in Kazakhstan. It is enough for a Russian citizen to present an internal or foreign passport. IIN is issued for foreigners, regardless of their place of residence and without personal presence. This process may take 1 business day.

Although at first glance, the procedure does not look complicated, you need to fill out correctly the application and collect all the documents, otherwise the application will be rejected. Therefore, we recommend entrusting this matter to professionals who understand all the details and do not have a language barrier. Contact our company and you will receive an IIN in 1 business day.

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