Get individual identification number by foreigner in Kazakhstan

How to get an IIN for a foreigner?

Business Solutions Company provides services for getting IIN for non-residents without personal presence in Kazakhstan in 1 business day..

What does a foreign citizen need to get an IIN?

To do this, you need to send a scanned copy of your passport. As a result of completing the procedure for issuing an IIN, a foreign citizen will receive a registration certificate of the established form in electronic version.

Let’s consider specific cases when a foreigner needs an IIN:

  • Opening a bank account in Kazakhstan;
  • Registration of an EDS for interaction with state bodies of Kazakhstan; 
  • Receiving income from sources in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Purchasing of property (real estate, transport) in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is subject to property tax, vehicle tax or land tax;
  • Registration of the inheritance opened in Kazakhstan;
  • Marriage;
  • Registration of a company in one of the Kazakhstani cities;
  • Appointment of a director of a legal entity, as well as the head of a branch, representative office of foreign legal entities operating in Kazakhstan.

Correction of IIN for foreign citizens

Foreign citizens who already have an IIN in the database, for example, former citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, or who have changed their passport data, or who had an IIN with incorrect data, must make adjustments to the IIN database.

Correction or updating of the IIN takes approximately 15 business days. This service is performed without personal presence by a notary verified power of attorney for representatives of our company. After adjusting the IIN, a foreign citizen is issued a registration certificate of the established form in electronic format.

Business Solutions Company will provide you with maximum assistance and will take care of all the hassle of receiving an IIN in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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