Providing a legal address

How to get a legal address?

Your activity or your business works in remote mode or does not require permanent stay on the premises, in this case the Business Solutions Company offers you to use the service of providing a Legal address in the Yesil district of Astana city.

We provide a full service for the Clients:

  • Lease/sublease agreement for the premises or notarized consent from the owner of the premises;
  • Title documents for the premises;
  • Accounting documents for the company;
  • Providing information about visits of regulatory authorities;
  • Collection and sending of correspondence.

The team of the “Business Solutions” Company will advise about the collection of required documents for registration of the address, in order to avoid errors, and submission of the collected documents to the authorized state authority.

List of documents required for registration of a legal entity to a new legal address:

  • an application in the form established by the Legislation, signed by the head of the LLP or another authorized person, sealed by the LLP;
  • a decision or an extract from the decision of the general meeting of participants of the LLP on the introduction of amendments and additions to the constituent documents of the LLP, sealed with the seal of the LLP;
  • three copies of the text in Kazakh and Russian on amendments and additions to the constituent documents of the LLP, or three copies of the constituent documents of the LLP, issued in a new edition, affixed with the seal of the LLP;
  • the originals of the former founding documents of the LLP;
  • a document confirming the new legal address of the LLP.

We guarantee confirmation of your location at the legal address. The minimum rental period for a legal address is 6 months.

In order to apply for a legal address, please contact us.

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