Ready-made VAT companies in Kazakhstan

Business Solutions Company will assist to buy a ready-made VAT company in Kazakhstan for your project in the shortest possible time. We provide a full service of supporting the purchase and sale of such companies without visiting Kazakhstan by a notary verified power of attorney for representatives of our company.

We offer the following types of companies:

  • Construction and installation works – 1, 2, 3 categories
  • Project activity – 1, 2, 3 categories
  • Ready-made VAT company with turnover
  • Ready-made VAT company with various licenses
  • Ready-made VAT company without licenses

Due diligence

Before purchasing  a Ready-made VAT company, we offer due diligence services – a various due diligence of the investment object, which allows to understand the actual legal, economic, tax, political and marketing status, as well as preventing and identifying possible future risks associated with the activities of the investment object.

A various verification of the investment object allows you to:

  • receive detailed information about the object of investment, that lets you to make a decision on making or refusing a transaction;
  • adjust the transaction price in your favor based on the identified risks and the condition of the facility;
  • Eliminate the identified risks prior to concluding a transaction or abandon the transaction in order to eliminate the unprofitability of the purchase.

If you decide to create your own business in Kazakhstan and you wish to purchase an existing company, our specialists will help you in the selection and various verification of the investment object you are interested in, as well as provide legal support for the purchase of a company

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