Consulting on doing business in Kazakhstan

How to start a business in Kazakhstan?

Many foreign investors, starting a business in Kazakhstan, are facing a number of bureaucratic questions. How to set up a company, how to choose the right tax regime and legal form. Registration of a company with a foreign founder is not much different from registration of companies with a local founder. But before proceeding with the execution of all the formalities, it is necessary to carefully familiarize yourself with all the subtleties of the process. 

It is not obligatory for every company to hire qualified accountants, lawyers, marketers, quality standards implementers, etc. But such specialists can be attracted from outside to receive advice or solve individual business problems.

For several years we have been accompanying foreign projects in Kazakhstan in the field of construction, industry and trade. Our specialists will help you to orientate you in all the nuances of the Kazakhstani legislation and give specific answers and recommendations.

Thanks to our many years of experience, our specialists are ready to provide you with the following types of advice:

  • Opening/closing of a company (LLP, JSC, branches, representative offices)
  • Get the right to conduct relevant activities (licenses, permits)
  • Taxation and accounting
  • Choice of a second-tier bank (tariffs, commissions, trust level)
  • Attraction of foreign labor force (registration, visa support)
  • Norms, decisions and recommendations for doing business
  • Marketing issues
  • Consulting in the field of information technology services
  • Staff recruitment and leasing
  • Management Services

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