Reclamation of documents in Kazakhstan

While you are abroad or when it is impossible to obtain and legalize documents on your own, you can use our service to reclaim documents with their following legalization.

This procedure involves obtaining documents from official state institutions, or the duplicates.

To carry out this process while outside the country, you need to use the assistance of diplomatic institutions or embassies. It may take 3 months or more.

The procedure for this procedure involves filling out questionnaires, applications, copies of the document to be claimed, as well as identity documents.

The list of documents that can be reclaimed:

  • Certificates that confirm the registration of civil statuses (certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, change of personal data, death, etc.);
  • Socio-legal documents (on salary, work experience records, pension, education, scientific degree, scientific title, awards, etc.)
  • Certificates of medical treatment, occupational disease or accident.

The following documents are not reclaimable:

  • Originals and copies of military identity cards and official identity cards;
  • Re-issued documents on registration of civil acts, issued not in the name of the applicant;
  • Certificate of marriage that has already been dissolved;
  • Birth certificates of the people who are no longer alive.

Our company offers to assist you go through this procedure easily and hassle-free. If you have lost the original document that needs to be reclaimed, you first need to perform document recovery in Kazakhstan, which we can also easily handle. To let us deal with your problem, you just need to issue a notary verified power of attorney. If you are doing this abroad, then it will still need to be legalized.

How to get a duplicate of birth certificate

Reclamation of a birth certificate in Kazakhstan takes from 5 business days, Business Solutions specialists make this process faster, and also prevents rejection due to incorrectly filled papers.

A birth certificate is an important document for every native of Kazakhstan, therefore, if lost, it must be reclaimed. Even if you have already received an identity card or passport, the certificate will be required repeatedly throughout your life to resolve various legal issues. Do not be afraid if you did not find an extract from the registry office, a diploma of education, a certificate or an archival certificate in the closet at home.

To get a duplicate of a birth certificate in Kazakhstan or to reclaim a marriage certificate or a death certificate, you just contact our manager.

Please note that relatives can also pick up a duplicate in Astana when it comes to reclaim a death certificate. And also the legitimate representative of the applicant can receive duplicates of the reclaimed documents.

Reclamation of diploma in Kazakhstan

Reclamation of a diploma and certificate in Kazakhstan takes from 15 business days, depending on the region of the educational institution. The procedure for reclamation of diploma can be carried out by the clients without personal presence. To do this, you just send us only a notary verified power of attorney.

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